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We Are Changing

We are changing.. surely and steadily.. As I stood in class, writing notes and numericals on the whiteboard, I remembered the quintessential chalk and blackboard we had used not some time back.. I missed the way teaching left a tell tale sign on my hands… my lapel and my hair.. as chalk dust flew all around. Somehow the chalk dust made me feel proud.. everytime I walked back from my classroom to home…and met people on the way.. I saw their gaze settling on my hands that were white dust ridden.. And the eye colour would change with a ‘Oh – she – Just – taught’ look.. It gave me a recognition, and it would elate me.. I made a conscious move at not washing my hands after class.. I wanted to carry that dust on my hands as long as I could.. That’s what a real learning, a real teaching should be like, don’t you think... Leaving tales behind, leaving marks behind that would stay long after.. Teachers and students co exist in a mutually beneficial space.. Students learn, but teachers learn much more.. For they master their subject in making sure students master theirs.. they rectify mistakes in teaching and learning over time.. and they learn along the way.. And learning and teaching becomes a life long process, leaving imprints and tell tale signs behind.. As we teach, we learn.. As we learn, we teach.. As we teach together we learn together.. The defining line between student and teacher fades, as we are all learners.. Together, we learn.. Together, we make this world a better place.. Together, we make a proud team. (- Kavita Bakshi)

April 21, 2021


In the context of countrywide school closures to minimise the spread of COVID – 19, GradSure team is working diligently for the study schedules of students to remain unaffected, and to ensure continued learning for...