Towards A Better Future

GradSure, initially known as ‘Zenith Education’ was a vision put into shape by Mr Harish Bhardwaj, an Engineer by profession.

Mr Bhardwaj rendered tutorials in the subject of Mathematics even during the course of studying for his degree; and continued teaching young students as a second profession when he was in a formal job. With a passion for teaching, he always aimed and strived for student excellence. To further his effort at imparting student oriented teaching, he quit from his job to follow his passion and dream to open a coaching institute for his students.

As a number of queries and requests came in from parents and students for a formalized study centre, Mr Bhardwaj expanded his centre into an institute and set up two branches with an experienced team to offer complete learning experiences.

At GradSure, he laid the foundation for an individualized approach to enable each student to learn in a fun and interactive environment in accordance with his or her acumen, ability and interest.