Message from Founder's Desk

In this fast developing and ever changing world, the societal changes have also led to changes in family structures. Not only have families now developed into individual units, the role of the family members have also intermingled and blended with women of the family also working, as successfully and dynamically as the men. Although this change is welcome, it has resulted in a tough balance on the part of parents who find time with their children divided with their professional obligations. The prime concern of the parents is to see their children flourish and evolve into well rounded personalities, marching ahead on the road to success and glory. Much as they desire, they cannot take time out from their busy schedules to keep a check or to guide their children, or to be with them 24x7.

This has led to emergence of a parallel learning and education system, wherein trained and qualified educators facilitate the students in achieving their goals. We, at GradSure, stand by the Parents in their endeavor to help and guide their children. We, bridge the gap between the Parent and the Child, between learning and developing, and filling up wherever parents fall short of time.

We believe that every child is unique, special and capable. We support them in their pursuit of dreams, giving them proper guidance, expert educational assistance, precious time and a learning system suited to every child’s need and interest. The pandemic has now transformed the education industry by creating a learning environment which extends itself beyond the four walls of a classroom. We are now armed with internet facility, an online education system, shaping the future of the students overcoming barriers of distance.

We develop different learning techniques suited to different needs of students helping them in understanding their subject content well. We extend our guidance beyond classroom hours. We do not focus only on immediate exams, but prepare our students to spiral into the future, teaching them and guiding them into choosing a career most suited to their needs and goals. We are there, 24x7, and we have our students’ backs. We work round the clock, so that Parents can fulfill their deadlines. We are there for you, helping you achieve your dreams. So walk ahead without turning back, because we walk behind you.

- Mr Harish Bhardwaj