What is so special about the teaching offered at GradSure?

At GradSure classes, experienced, qualified and expert faculty members follow a student centric approach to strive for imparting excellent education. Our faculty members act as mentors and career counselors for the students to enable them not just for the immediate examinations, but also to spearhead them into the future that they plan for themselves.

We understand that the students need to excel in every domain of education and learning. For instance the Practicals, the schools have too many students to focus on practical learning for every individual child. We, at GradSure ensure that our students are well exposed and confident in Practical examination as well. Our students are given on hand training of the school projects and all Practicals on one to one basis. Each child learns to handle apparatus efficiently, answer viva voce questions confidently, make neat and organised practical files and understand the experiments well. For Us at GradSure, learning has to be complete.
Individual attention is ensured through performance analysis and continuous evaluation. This helps in determining strengths and weaknesses of all the students. It also helps us strategize study plans with the help of our design thinking tools. We customize our technique of teaching to suit every student’s need of the hour. We understand that each student has a different subject inclination, and different levels of understanding. We link their routines to learning and use the interests of students as natural motivators to increase their participation and engagement in lessons. We allow the students to choose their own pace of learning. Extra classes are given to students who sometime need more time to understand a certain concept or lesson than others. Our student groups are small, manageable and compatible with individual learning. We ensure participation and response from all our students.
Weekly tests are conducted to analyse students’ performance and the level of their understanding of the teaching over the week. Any difficulty is solved on 1 – to – 1 level to ensure that each child performs well in tests. We strive to remove any lacunae in the mind of the student. Hence we conduct regular tests to check the students’ learning.
Yes, we are available over the weekends on request. We make sure our students excel in all their school tests and assignments. Keeping the need of the students in mind, we offer special guidance over weekends also if the student has a test in school following Monday.
Yes, we at GradSure help our students to achieve excellence in every field of study. Practicals form an important part of assessment and we conduct the same at the Institute to help students to understand and be able to perform well at school practical examinations.
Yes, we make sure the Parents know how their children are performing by giving them one to one update about their child.
Individual attention is ensured by performance analysis and continuous evaluation. This helps us determine the strengths and weaknesses of all the students and also helps us strategise study plans with the help of our design thinking tools.