How to manage time during your board examination

Board examinations are round the corner and this is the most anxious moment for the student. Most of the students resent playing, watching TV, and being involved in other activities. The stress of the board exam is so huge that neither they are able to study more than they are unable to do anything. (Neither Studies or other activity). One must remember that we have Ample time for studies as well as for outdoor playing activity, and to pursue other hobbies as well. The problem is not lack of time but the problem is time management. If we are able to utilise our 24 hours in the best way, we can take out time for all the activities including study. But the point is how do we do that? Yes I do Agree it's not a simple task it requires a lot of planning but one of the fundamental things in managing time is to look at the micro level and not at the Macro level. What do I mean by micro and macro level? If you are looking at a 24 hour clock you are looking at macro level. But if you break your day in 4 quarters Of 6 hours each, you are looking at a micro level. Now that 6 hours can further be reduced to only 4 hours if we sleep for around 7 to 8 hours. So our focus should not be 24 hours but should be the four hours which we need to control effectively. Whenever you get up your first quarter will start from that time only. Irrespective of the time whether you are getting up at 6 in the morning or 9:00 in the morning. To simplify things I am assuming that you are getting up at 7 in the morning. So your first quarter starts from 7 in the morning till 11. In this quarter you will be getting ready, you will be having breakfast and you may go for a walk as well. So you should aim to study for 2 hours this quarter. Your next quarter starts from 11 till 3 in the afternoon. Your aim will be to study for two and a half hours this quarter. Reserve this quarter for your practical subject whereas in the morning time should be given to the theory subject. If you are sleeping for 6 hours in the night, you can take out half an hour to 1 hour of sleeping time in this quarter. If you finish your lunch In half an hour and sleep for 1 hour then also you can easily take out 2 and half hours for your studies. Your third quarter will start at 3 and end at 7. You can go out for an hour of outdoor activity and even watch a TV for half an hour. The aim is to study for 2 hours and still you are left with half an hour for other activities which you want to enjoy. Your last quarter will start from 7 and will end at 11. You will be having your dinner In this period so you can study only for 2 hours and enjoy the rest of the time with your family, friends, mobile or internet. Please go to bed at 11:00 and get up early in the morning At 7 A.M. Please recall your day now. During the whole day you slept for 8 hours, you watched TV, went for a morning walk, had a wonderful evening by enjoying an outdoor game, you had time for your family and friends And in spite of all this you studied for 8 and half hours. Isn't this incredible? This is what we tell our students who come to our Centre for study. That is why Gradsure is one of the best coaching centers in Gurugram and fast emerging as the best center for CUET Studies in Gurgaon. Because at our Centre we don't just teach but we plan everything.