Is Mobile phone a boon and a barrier while studying?

Most students today are glued to cell phones, and even though cell phones help students be more productive about their projects and improve their quality of studying, they can sometimes become a huge source of distraction. Some of the major distractions that students have while studying are message notifications, unsolicited calls, social media alerts, and phone games. Ways to Avoid Mobile Phone Distraction for students- 1) Take Small Breaks – Use mobile phone only During those Breaks. Everybody needs a break, so you should have a study routine that will help you stay focused and get more done. In the study routine, you must just set out some steps, what you must do, and how you will get going. If you are wondering how to not get distracted by mobile phone, consider setting this routine and taking small breaks in between and using your mobile only during that break. Set a study routine and have small breaks where you can enjoy your screen time also. Mobile phone distraction while studying is completely common, so you need to set a routine so that you are completely engrossed in what you are doing, and you are focused. When you know that you are going to devote, for example, 5 hours a day to studying, you deserve a break after every 2 1/2 hours so that you can get a breather. 2) Keep Your Phone In Another Room While You Are Studying Students are advised to keep their phone in the other room as one can always reach for the phone because it will be your arm's length. Keep the phone away from your desk for the duration you are studying. The inconvenience of reaching the phone would discourage you from even touching it. Mobile phone distraction while studying is common among all students, so you should always consider keeping your phone in another room while you are studying. While you are learning how to stop getting distracted while studying, the first thing that you must learn is to keep the phone in another room or out of your reach. It is also advisable to keep it away from the eyes so that u might see a notification flashing on the phone or a call blinking, making it very tempting for you to respond. 3) Switch Off The Net Of The Mobile Phone While Studying It would be best if you defined the study time by switching off the Internet on your mobile phone. The seriousness of your study hours can cause you to avoid all distractions by switching off the Internet on your gadgets. Your friends and family will notice that you dislike distractions while learning. They will also learn to avoid calling you or expecting any response during those hours while you are studying. Some other tips are- Put Your Phones on Airplane Mode ..., mute all your groups whenever you are Studying ... Gradsure is a Gurgaon Based IIT Jee Coaching Institutes in Gurgaon also known as Best Coaching for CUET in Gurgaon always try to guide student to keep their focus towards their study, in this we always post such type of content.