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CUET :- Advantages and Disadvantages

CUET stands for common University entrance test. This test was launched by the NTA, National testing agency, last year for taking admission in colleges. It's a common platform for all the students throughout India and thus brings in much needed Uniformity. But the question is :- Why all of a sudden the government came up with an idea of an entrance exam. That too across India for taking admission in colleges. when the Tried and tested method of class 12th marks was the benchmark throughout India. Answer to this is a tricky one. All policies have their pros and cons and similarly CUET also has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the most important aspects about the CUET is that it has brought uniformity throughout India for taking admission in the colleges as the testing pattern is common for all. On the other hand it has made the class 12th result redundant. CUET has also put extra pressure on the students as they have to give class 12th examination and immediately after that, they have to prepare for the CUET exams. This is giving more stress to the students which was supposed to ease with the introduction of the new education policy (NEP). CUET examination will be worthwhile if all students, regardless of age, should be allowed to appear for the examination. Anyone irrespective of age should be allowed admission in the college if s/he gets a good percentile in the CUET exam. Then we can definitely say that India is One step ahead of the west in education . It's a matter of debate what are its advantages or disadvantages and as of today we can merely follow the policies drafted by the government. Now there is no choice but to prepare for the CUET exam in order to secure admission in a good college. Much will depend on planning as around fifty days will be available after the boards exam, for preparation of CUET. This is sure for now everyone will be looking for the best coaching for CUET. If you are planning to get very good college for the graduation and living in Gurgaon or any other part of India than surely you will search best coaching for CUET in Gurgaon. This is where our institution, GradSure, comes into the picture. In order to help students throughout the world, we have develop a website offering unlimited free test and they will be absolutely free for the first 15 days. We will not be boasting if we say that GradSure is one of the best coaching centers in Gurgaon.